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What It Costs: Ad Prices From TV’s Largest Buys to the Smallest Screens

Published on April 06, two thousand fifteen .

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Sticker shock. Annoyance. Envy. Wonderment. No matter where you sit in the marketing ecosystem — whether you’re a buyer or seller of media, or both — you’re likely to practice a range of reactions and emotions as you browse thorugh this sample from our inaugural What It Costs package. If you also end up feeling a fresh surge of curiosity — about the price tags for other media products and placements — the good news is that the following sample is just the beginning; What It Costs will live on as an ever-expanding weekly feature in Ad Age’s soon-to-relaunch DataCenter.


The average outlay for a commercial during the fifth season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” making it the costliest scripted series on TV. The Oct. 12, 2014, season premiere drew 17.Trio million viewers; the March twenty nine season finale, 15.8 million.


The amount Snapchat requests per “Brand Story” ad, a branded post (or “snap”) that emerges within the app’s “Stories” feed. Snapchat doesn’t disclose user numbers.

The cost for a thousand impressions on Hulu for standard run-of-site in-stream movie ads, with a minimum requirement of two ads per campaign.

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$1.55 million

The cost of thirty seconds of ad time in the championship game of the two thousand fifteen NCAA Boys’s Division I Basketball Tournament on CBS, when Duke will take on Wisconsin. That’s up from $1.49 million in 2014. Last year the championship game averaged 21.Two million viewers, down from 23.Four million in 2013.


The average cost for thirty seconds of commercial time in prime time broadcast TV last year. That’s up from $110,00 in 2013.


The average cost of a 30-second commercial during “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS, the most expensive comedy on TV. “Big Bang” averaged 16.7 million viewers this season through March 12.


The cost of one full-color ad on the front page of The Fresh York Times. To emerge on the Times’ front page, tho’, marketers must commit to a certain frequency, such as front-page ads every Tuesday for six months; the total cost of running frequent page-one ads would likely top $1 million.

The average cost of a thousand impressions for a 30-second commercial in broadcast prime time in 2014, down from $25.06 in 2013.

The cost of a thousand impressions for a sponsored photo on Instagram, down from $40 in two thousand thirteen when Instagram very first flipped out ads. Instagram says more than three hundred million people around the world check out the photo-sharing app each month. Instagram’s minimum ad spend is $200,000.

The cost of a thousand impressions for a sponsored movie on Instagram.

$Two.Five million

The cost of four weeks on Times Square’s fattest billboard, Clear Channel’s eight-story sign on Broadway from West 45th Street to West 46th Street.

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