World s best-selling cars of 2012

World’s best-selling cars of 2012

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The world`s favourite car is, once again, the Toyota Corolla, according to a blog site based in Australia.

Data miners at the Best Selling Cars Blog site have compiled a chart based on official car sale figures collected from more than one hundred countries, and unofficial figures from another 70. Their figures say 1,097,132 Toyota Corollas were sold in 2012, with that number including a number of ninth- and 10th-generation models that are still sold in developing markets. It doesn`t, however, include the Corolla hatch (also known as Auris in some markets) – that car came in 179th position with 117,705 sales of its own.

The site says the second-best selling model was the Ford Concentrate, which is still sold in two different generational styles, and fell just brief of the Corolla with 1,036,683 sales.

The confusion stems from the fact that the Concentrate name is used for the entire Concentrate family, whereas Toyota markets the Corolla under different names in different parts of the world.

In third place was the Hyundai Elantra, which is popular in South Korea, the Middle East and the US, and sold 829,192 units. The i30 hatchback is sold as the Elantra GT in some markets, but cars that wear the i30 badge still fared well, with 199,275 sales (rank one hundred three overall).

There was a local connection for the next two positions – results for both of these were boosted to an extent by Australia`s manufacturing industry, with the Toyota Camry managing 797,466 sales worldwide, and General Motors` Cruze puny car (sold as a Holden here and as a Chevrolet in other countries) ranking fifth with 784,014 sales.

Australia`s highest-selling car, the Mazda3, came in forty six th in global terms, accounting for 341,661 sales.

Last year`s second-place getter on the domestic charts, the Toyota HiLux, ranked fifteen th in terms of global sales, with 637,706 units sold. The HiLux predominated the most markets worldwide, however, ranking as the top-seller in thirty one markets.

The Holden Commodore also made the list, ranking in three hundred eighty three rd position with 41,214 sales (sedan/wagon only).

The top twenty best-selling cars in two thousand twelve (Source: Best Selling Cars Blog)

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